10 To Pick From: How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

With age and sometimes through genetics, loss of hearing starts becoming a common  problem. Around one in five people at or just past the middle age, specifically right around age 45 and older, suffer from hearing loss. The degree of loss varies among these people. Some may experience blunt deafness where regular face-to-face conversations are tough to process, but others may experience something much less extreme but still persistent, like having to ask someone to repeat what they said one or two times to fully understand it.

The hair cells in the inner ear are responsible for hearing. If these cells become damaged or die completely one-by-one, it is impossible to get them back and as a result, hearing loss is suffered.

There are plenty of hearing aids out there on the market. Before getting one, you have to be aware of how much hearing aids cost and what features are available.

The best part of this article is that you don’t even have to visit a doctor to purchase and operate these ones. Obviously, your best choice is to visit your doctor and get your hearing checked out; they can then prescribe you a custom hearing aid. However, those can be very costly and the whole process may be time-consuming.

Because of time and money, I have compiled a list of easy-to-buy hearing aids. These hearing aids are advanced and work with superior technology, similar to the ones a doctor might give you. The difference is that these are much more affordable and accessible. This article provides you with the best products I have recommended to some of my clients and their prices.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Note: The prices are subject to change. Please check the listings first to see if that hearing aid is right for you.

Here are the best hearing aids I recommend:

1. Affordable Hearing Amplifier by Digital Discovery

Price: $139.99 (prices subject to change)

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost
This is one of the best on-the-market hearing aids available.

The amplifier is available with a useful tube attachment. This attachment makes it flexible to fit the amp to either ear, very important to avoid having to designate each amplifier as “left ear” and “right ear”.


  • A best seller on Amazon
  • Battery has 30% longer life than most competing aids, including doctor-prescribed
  • Neat design; hardly noticeable as color is “clear”
  • Focused on lightweight-ness in structure; feels comfortable to wear
  • Aids different kinds of hearing loss, even severe cases
  • The digital voice recognition features blocks the unwanted sound and amplifies only the sound signals you need to hear
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

2. Hearing Aid Sidekick with Bluetooth by Sound World Solutions

Price: See Price

Sound World Solutions Sidekick Bluetooth Hearing Aid

This is one of the more expensive hearing aids we’ve seen. But to be fair, most doctor-prescribed hearing aids will undoubtedly be as costly, or even more so, than this device. Your bonus is you can get it without the hassle and no fees for a doctor appointment are necessary. To top it off, the product is highly recommended across many industry professionals I have spoken with and also with fellow clients who have tried the device.

3. Best Hearing Amplifier by Cyber Science

Price: See price

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

The device comes with a handy protective case. This hearing aid is a behind-the-ear device rather than an upfront plug.


  • Set of two amplifiers
  • Adjustable sound level feature is available, allowing you to adjust the sound to your needs or change it according to the situation
  • Hundreds of dollars can be saved just by buying off the market, and another hundred can be saved by purchasing this particular hearing aid, as the “Best Hearing Amplifier” by Cyber Science is one of the cheapest models online
  • The device is backed up with a free replacement guarantee with no questions asked

4. Deluxe Digital Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Aid By New Aid

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

This Hearing Amplifier by New Aid is an FDA-approved aid and is a great starting device to hear better. Because it is fairly cheap, however, the build quality suffers just a little bit. Nonetheless, if you or a family member need to try out a device, this is a good one to open up with.


  • Includes a free protection and carrying case, along with a cleaning brush
  • Able to easily turn it on/off
  • Three earplug sizes allows to fit most
  • 1.5 V Battery AG13/LR44
  • 127dB±4dB max saturation sound pressure level (SSPL)
  • Full on acoustic gain 40±5dB total
  • Frequency response 450Hz to 3800Hz
  • Harmonic Distortion(THD) F>1000H ≤15% F<1000H ≤10%
  • 29 dB is the equivalent Input Noise

5. Hearing Amplifier By Cyber Science

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

This is a popular product online, being sold in hundreds on online retailers like eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. I have not tried the product for myself, but upon reading reviews through my associates, reading forums, and recommendations of my clients, I’ve found that this amplifier by Cyber Science is a favorite among people who need hearing aids.


  • Includes protective case and extra batteries
  • The device is designed to fit most people
  • The “plug” design makes it one of the most discreet devices available
  • Secure fit, won’t fall off in inconvenient times

6. Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Aid SK-47 By Soaring Sound

Price: $27.84

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

A cheap, yet durable sound amplifier. This is another great starting option if you are not looking to spend too much money on one.


  • Similar products on the store break often, this one has not (despite multiple damage tests)
  • Multiple volume settings available
  • Extremely cheap
  • Designed ergonomically to fit most

7. Hearing Amplifier Ear ITC (Pair) By NewEar

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

Another cheap sound aid, but with a plug-in design that allows for comfortable hearing ability without being too noticeable.


  • NewEar has a good reputation among several experts I have spoken with
  • Tone and volume settings allow the user to personalize what sounds go in their
  • Includes cleaning brushes, 2 batteries, and 6 ear pieces

8. Best Hearing Amplifier Device Digital Amplifiers By Cyber Science

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

If you truly want the best behind the ear hearing amplifier device, this should be the one to get. Note that it is significantly more costlier than other devices I have recommended, but you get what you pay for. This is a premium-quality aid made with a leading brand in Cyber Science.


  • Cyber Science products compete with professional-grade models year after year
  • Protective case and batteries are included with the product
  • Very lightweight design with no heavy parts; leads to minimized damage if the hearing aid falls on the ground
  • Great support by an outstanding company

9. Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Aid MP-5 By Soaring Sound

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

Soaring Sound advertises this product as one of the best noise cancelling devices on the market and for the most part, they are correct. The plug does a good job minimizing noise that most people will not want to listen to (like the constant whizzing of an air conditioner, for example). The mic on the device is great and allows for clear listening.


  • Noise reduction is a great feature
  • Amplifies other, more important sound clearly
  • Range is fairly good
  • Device includes 3 AG13 Batteries and personal carrying case
  • Battery life strangely lasts longer on this device

10. Rechargeable Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier Aid ITE by Soaring Sound

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost

The battery on this is it’s best feature, as it can be recharged several hundred times and lasts around 8 hours (more than enough for the times my clients have needed it) each cycle. The other features work well too.

  • Device is small, discreet, and does not wrap around the ear
  • Controls are easy to adjust
  • Rechargeable battery that also lasts quite long

Notable Mention: Hearing Amplifier by ClearHear

Price: See price

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost


  • The product is a set of two amplifiers with a charger and ensures that you do not miss anything.
  • Device is chargeable, and there is no need for external batteries
  • There are a few sizes available
  • High-quality and popular product around the industry

I hope this article has answered some of your questions regarding how much hearing aids and amplifiers cost in the market, which ones are the best, doctor-recommended sound amplifiers available, and things like how hearing amplifiers can help you.

As with every article on this website, please feel free to share your opinions below. Have any questions? I can answer them in the comments section within a few hours. I have a doctoral in public health and I hope to help you further if you have any other health-related questions. Just be sure to use the comments section or contact me via email!

Thank you and have a great day!