How To Measure Blood Pressure? – Best Blood Pressure Monitors

It goes without saying that your heart is one of your most important and vital organs. Everyone, from children to adults to grandparents, know this. But how come an unbelievable amount of people still do not take the precautionary actions to take care of their heart?

Because you are reading this, I can assume you love your heart and want to monitor its status. This is a great step in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle, and also to prevent unfortunate events such as strokes or heart attacks from high blood pressure.

Measuring your blood pressure is a fairly simple task. Though I will not discuss here how to read the blood pressure monitor readings, I will help out in the actual reading process. You will need a blood pressure monitor (preferably a good one for accuracy: I have listed some professional options below) and you are pretty much set. The pressure monitor, depending on which one you purchase, will simply wrap around your arm or wrist and check the blood pressure. Some will inflate, others won’t. But all of these products were recommended by other medical professionals to me, and I to my clients. They are all professional-grade but at an affordable price.

How Do I Measure Blood Pressure?

1. 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor By Omron

Price: $44.99

How To Measure Blood Pressure

The best feature of the Omron 7 Series monitors are their portability. Basically, it attaches around your wrist like a watch. You can wear it for just one reading, or (if you are a bit more cautious or need to constantly keep an eye out for your pressure throughout the day) you can wear it all day long like a watch.

The portability stands out because the device itself is not bulky. One of my clients mentioned he was on vacation and he chose to bring it in his pocket while sightseeing. When it was time to pack the bags and go back home, he put it in his satchel and went about. No wires or heavy devices to log around and pack.

The accuracy on the Omron 7 is top-notch also. Though I do not recommend to professional doctors to use this for work, it is an absolute wonder for those at home.


  • No. 1 recommended among pharmacists
  • Inflates quietly; helps with portability as you can bring the device anywhere
  • Very helpful indicator for irregular heartbeats
  • Accurate and perfect monitor for a healthy heart

2. EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor White/Grey By Panasonic

Price: $43.00

How To Measure Blood Pressure

The Panasonic EW3109W is another great option with portability. It’s a nice pressure monitor that comes with a handy travel bag for when you are going outside of the house. Though slightly larger than the Omron, it is still almost as easy to slip in a bag or pocket and go.

The pulse sensors on this heart monitor is a key piece to making it an accurate reader. Easy-to-see indicators alert you if your blood pressure is too high. Another staple to usability is the auto-inflate function; simply press the Start button and the wrap will auto-inflate on your arm. No need to pump it yourself.

It is a simple device that will do the job accurately and can be packed easily into a tiny bag. For around $40, it is a good price too.


  • Averages your readings over time, giving you a rough idea of your heart’s health
  • One-touch auto-inflate function
  • Handy, readable LCD screen that displays readings and alerts clearly
  • Automatically memorizes readings for future reference
  • Decent price for an accurate and small device

3. 10 Plus Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff By Omron

Price: $75.72

How To Measure Blood Pressure

Though I do always start my heart reader recommendations with the Omron 7 Series, there are clients that require a slightly more advanced monitor. The 10+ Series by Omron does all of the basic functions the 7 Series does, but also adds a few helpful features to ultimately come up with a higher price (which is worth it if you are looking for more quality).

A few of them stand out to me. Foremost, I like the dual-user feature. The 10+ Series has enough memory inside to hold the readings and settings of two people, perfect for couples that both need to check their rates frequently. The memory inside is actually good enough to hold an 8-week history of all your readings, both day and night. A lot of other blood pressure readers can’t compete, often only offering up to 30 days of past readings.

I love the 10 Series for its advanced features and usability. Of course, it won’t be for everyone. Some just require the bare bones monitor like the 3 Series. Omron does an excellent job giving you an array of options, from the 3 Series and 5 Series, to the more frequent-use devices like the 7 Series and the 10 Series Plus.


  • Stores an abundance of past readings, so you can compare your heart health from before and now
  • Excellent calibration system gives you and/or a partner precise readings everytime
  • Averaging system is advanced, from averaging your readings from 8 weeks back or averaging readings you took just  today

Best Blood Pressure Monitors: Conclusion

That wraps up my list of blood pressure monitors and instructions of how to measure your blood pressure. Simply put, there is no easy and accurate way of measuring your pressure without a blood pressure monitor. The majority of them cost roughly $50 and it will save you a lot of time over finding a do-it-yourself method of measuring. Plus, with the ease-of-use for most of these blood pressure readers, you will have an accurate idea of your heart health on a day to day basis.

If you have any comments or questions, I am free to respond. Just write them below this article and I will get to them as soon as I can! Thanks for reading.