Tips On How To Measure Your Bra Size?

Ladies, we all keep in the back of our minds that to have an impressive physique while wearing our bra is a must. Your bra size may frequently vary throughout different periods of times (daily, monthly, and from year-to-year) and most of us know how important it is to measure our bra size from time to time. Slight changes in body composition and weight also lead to the change in the bra size.

It is crucial to wear the most ideal size at all times to fit into your modern outfits and, more importantly, feel comfortable. Wearing perfect inner wear gives you the freedom to wear all types of outfits.

Do you know how to measure your bra size? There aren’t many measuring tapes that do the job well out in the market, and a lot of them are hard to use. However, I have come up with some good market solution products that I use every time I want to measure my size. These are products that get ripped off and sold in places like Walmart but do not necessarily provide the same ease of use that I have found using the original ones I bought online.

How To Measure Your Bra Size:

This is a wonderful tape for accurate and error free measurement.

Measure Up – Bra Size Measuring Device By Braza

How To Measure Your Bra Size

With Measure Up you can measure your bra size right at home. It is likely that your bra size may change and you may find difficult to measure the size each time. But now it is much less difficult with Measure Up. This measuring tape, specifically designed for this kind of measuring, is one of the only products I use when I need to check size. It’s quick, fast, and simple..


  • You can measure bra size using Measure Up without having to ask someone else to help you
  • Measure Up allows you to measure your size at home
  • It is made in the USA — means quick customer support if you have any trouble or need advice
  • Accurate measurements
  • Easy to use and takes little time

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Simple Tips On How To Measure Your Bra Size

If you are unsure of your bra size and do not know where to get started, I have a few tips that will help you. Here are the steps you should follow when measuring.

Step 1:

Band Measurement – If you are wearing an unpadded, well-fit bra (not the sports or push up kind), measure your band size. To do so, place the tape above the breast and below the arms from the back. Make sure the tape is placed straight across the back and is in a comfortable position.

Now make a note of the measurement, if you get an odd number, simply round it off to the next whole number. Say, for instance, if the measurement is 31″ round it off to 32”. The number you get is going to be your band size.

Step 2:

Chest Measurement: Now place the measuring tape from the back on to the majority of your breast. Keep the tape a little loose and make sure the tape is placed fully horizontal and around the back. Take the measurement.

Now, take the difference between this measurement and the band size (obtained from step 1). The resulting number is your cup size. Each inch equals a cup.

Step 3:

Calculate The Difference: The difference between chest and band measurement is the cup size. Lettering in the bra size gives the cup size. Every inch equals one cup size.

Bra Measurement Conclusion:

There you have it! You have successfully measured your bra size. Be sure to follow this same routine every time you check your size. Also, do not forget to measure frequently. We all know how often we purchase bras, so definitely have at least a rough idea of where your exact bra size is at any given period of time, be it a few weeks or in a month-to-month span.

I hope this article has helped you. If it has, great! Send in a comment below. Or alternatively, you need more advice or have a question, send in a comment. I would be glad to help!