What Temperature Is Considered A Fever?

A fever is our body’s reaction to some sort of illness or infection. Most of the time, these illnesses are minor and will be gone with time. It is important, however, to always understand at what temperature you have a fever. The regular body temperature is around 98.6° F or 37° Celsius.

Bodily temperature is significantly different from the usual weather temperature we commonly think of. Most people won’t be able to differentiate if it is 95° F outside or if it is 93° F. However, in bodily temperature, a mere 2° F difference can be the difference between regular body temperature or a severe fever.

It is important to understand how to measure your body temperature correctly and know when to see a doctor when you read a fever.

Which Instrument Is Used To Measure Temperature?

1. Ear Thermometer By Braun

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

Measuring body or head temperature by the ear is not uncommon. This is actually a very accurate way of doing so and market-type products like these (ie. not professional, available to the public) are able to measure precisely down to a tenth of a degree.

To use it: you simply switch out the measurement filter (the product ships with several of these), turn the reader on, and then gently stick it in your ear for the reader to get a precise measurement.

This product is very useful for young children or even infants, as the tip is gentle and is certified safe. Adults can also use it for a quick and accurate reading that takes a mere few seconds.


  • Ships with several lens filters, each of which you can use up to 7 times before a warning on the reader alerts you to switch out
  • Audible and visual guidance for inserting the tip comfortably into the ear
  • Memorizes the last recorded temperature for comparison

2. Body Temperature Thermometer By Tempir

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

If your child is more fidgety, this body thermometer by Tempir should be able to help. The best feature is its quickness. Simply touch the lens (located at the very front of the device) on your child’s head, press the “Scan” button, and it will record and display the temperature almost instantly.

It works the same for adults, too. It is a much easier and simpler method of measuring bodily temperature than sticking a lens through your ear, but the only downside compared to that method is a slight dip in accuracy.


  • Ease-of-use and simplicity are the best features; just hold to the head and hit “Scan”
  • Excellent and clear LED screen to display temperature
  • Records the last 32 temperature measurements for comparison
  • Takes measurements within a couple of seconds of hitting the Scan button

9. NTF3000US No Touch plus Forehead Thermometer By Braun

Price: $43.36

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

If you are in the market for a non-contact body temperature reader, I have presented here two ideal options. The first is this forehead thermometer by Braun, a very reputable company in the industry. The second is the TempoScan by Orksun. It will be wise to read between the two and find the best one for you, as different people have different needs. Check both of them out on the product page (and read customer reviews) thoroughly and then decide.


  • Requires absolutely no contact; just hold the reader close to the client and get a reading
  • If, however, you need a speedier and more accurate read, there is also an option for contact reading
  • Easy to clean lens for using the contact reader
  • Easy to read screen

10. TempoScan Non-contact High Accuracy Infrared Thermometer By Orksun

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

The TempoScan is a great non-contact reader. It is highly rated on Amazon and among some doctors that I have talked to. It is accurate, safe, and quick. Also, because it memorizes the last 10 readings, it is a perfect item for home use.


  • No contact necessary; simply point and scan
  • Safe infrared technology, perfect for young children
  • An excellent backlit display, lights up brightly and clearly, and turns off automatically when not in use
  • Measurements were accurate to the .01° in Fahrenheit.
  • Stores last 10 readings, perfect for tracking an ongoing fever

11. Best Digital Thermometer By iProvèn

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

If you are more in line for a traditional thermometer, this one should do. It is on the affordable end and it works just fine for measuring body temperature. However, it is recommended to only use these on one person, as oral insertion is required. The readings are accurate to a couple tenths of degrees, so it should work for the daily basis.

It should be noted that this is absolutely the best oral body temperature reader out there that is sold to the public. It is just as quality as some of the professional readers I have had to use and it is sold at a reasonable price. The accuracy is tier one and if this kind of measuring device is what you are looking for, stop right here and purchase it. The reviews on the Amazon page say no different (4.6 out of 5, based on 525 customer reviews at the time of this posting).


  • Accurate, even by professional standards
  • All-around device; can measure orally or rectally (recommended to strictly measure one or the other, not both)
  • Manufactured by a trusted company in iProven (several of their products are used in the professional environment)
  • One of the fastest manual readers (does not use infrared sensors) — measures in half a minute.
  • Water-resistant design — I have personally dropped my company’s model in water a few times and it still works precisely when tested against professional-grade measuring devices

13. Smartphone Thermometer By Kinsa

What Temperature Is Considered A Fever

Usually I am a bit weary when using smartphones in a professional environment, but I have tested this product thoroughly and it is a solid device. However, I would peg it as a home device for children, since the smartphone app has a little game that encourages your young ones to behave while taking the measurement.

I have heard several stories from a few clients that have tried this as beta testers, and it works for the most part to get children to sit still as their reading is being recorded.

How it works: It comes with a cord that connects the actual device to your smartphone. Assuming you have downloaded the free app from the App Store or Google Play store already, the reader is ready to go. In roughly 10 seconds, the device will take the temperature orally and you get a detailed reading right on your phone. The app also saves the measurements so it is literally with you wherever you go.

Overall, it is an incredibly convenient device designed by an intelligent person. The device itself does not need batteries and connects easily to your phone. This is one of the staples that have me raving about the Kinsa to parents of young children.


  • Connects easily to a smartphone via the headphone jack
  • Free app that does the scanning and storing of data
  • Easy to use, especially for young children
  • Stores history easily on your smartphone
  • Requires no batteries
  • Compatible with most phones (Windows phones excluded — check product page for specific compatibility list)